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Looking Back
Hi everyone!
I know I said I was taking a break but I had this written a while back and I wanted to post it. 
Honestly, it's pretty bizarre to think that 2016 is almost over. It's been a pretty rough ride, and I never seem to have much luck at the end of the year anymore. On deviantART though, it's just about been a dream the whole way ^^
2016 was the year that my page really kicked off on dA. Going into 2016, I had about 80 watchers, and going out, I have around 1630. That's absolutely nuts! I've met so many awesome people, made amazing new friends, discovered epic new artists. I got Core membership for the first time through that deviantART 'welcome new people' promotion and spammed you all with polls every other day :D I explored the creation of adopts and created my own closed species (now rather discontinued, but the experience was fun). I became an admin of a few groups for the first time and spent a few amazing months as an Official Commenter at :iconProjectComment:. My art
:iconarasteia:Arasteia 7 17


by celyne

Very nice work, Celyne :) For me, I don't think the issue is fixing anything, but rather, highlighting more obscure details. I believe t...

I think the most detailed part of this drawing has to be the object on her right shoulder. The use of lighting, shading, reflection, an...



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United States
Lead writer and director for our upcoming visual novel, "Vampires: The New Birth"

100% borrowed from Arasteia

My evil side:
( ) You have made a little kid cry (He deserved it)
( )You have threatened someone and meant it seriously
( ) You have beat someone up
(x) You have stolen money from someone (I can't remember my logic at the time, but I felt bad about it)
( ) People have called you a brat
( ) You spend all of your time bossing people around
(x)You have wanted someone/something to die
( ) You have killed someone (All the time in video games... but that probably doesn't count)
( ) You yell a lot
(x)You have punched someone (He deserved it. Seriously: like nobody felt sorry for him)
( x) You have stolen something from the store (I used to drink NOS energy drinks, until my teacher told me it was basically a weaker version of meth)
( ) You push people around a lot
( ) You wear a lot of black (I plan to one day, I like the color)
( ) You hate the light
(x) You swear a lot (seldom in anger)
(x) You are always breaking the rules (mostly just in writing, when you accept how subjective it is, you start making your own rules)
(x)You have skipped school (Only one class, and I did that like twice)
( ) At school you are a bully
(x)You get mad easily (Not online, because when I use my accounts, I seldom interact with people. In games, only if the level is super cheap or annoyingly designed)
( ) You have tons of enemies
(x)You barely have any friends (Through lack of trying, not because I can't interact with people. 90% of the time when I interact with people online, it goes well and I make them smile :)
( )You lie a lot
(x) You hate school/work more than anything (hated school because you barely study what you want, and nothing they teach you will get you more money than the D average student when you both graduate and apply for a minimum wage job)
( ) You pull tons of pranks on people (don't see the point, better ways of making people laugh)
(x) You think it's funny when people die (fictional people, and only when it's an awesome video game kill, or the character deserved it and died a creative death)
(x) You like making people suffer (“In my novels yes, but again that probably doesn't count.” Same as Ari, just add video games to the list)
(x) You love blood (Within reason. If it's a well-written vampire character, or you're on a killing spree in a video game, or making some fictional asshole suffer)
(x) You know how to shoot a gun. (Barely, just more than the average person. Without an aiming laser, guns are harder to aim than you think)
(x) You have called someone stupid (Who hasn't?)
(x) You like horror movies (Yeah, psychological horror. I think it's the most effective, but also most difficult to make. Hence the lack of what I'd consider good examples of it.)
(x) You like violent things (Guilty.)
( ) You have attempted to kill someone
( ) You love the sound of screaming
(x) You are happy when people are injured (If they're an asshole, yeah. Then it's funny)

Total - 72% evil (some of those don't really count like they originally intended to, though. So shave off like 10%)

Name: Jalen
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: Enough to make me exercise, not enough to where I have two stomach flaps
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: black
Race: Black

Drink?: Nope. It's not meant to taste good, so unless you're socially inept or like destroying your insides, can't see the point
Smoke?: No. And if you smoke while driving, don't let me know your license plate
Use Drugs?: No
Cuss?: If I get excited. Like, I'm in a good mood. But online, I seldom swear when talking to people.
Play Any Instruments?: The piano, like one level above beginner. Enough to where you won't be super amazed, but will still enjoy what I'm playing.
Have Any Piercings?: Don't see the point, personally. You gotta be born with that desire, or trained.
Have Any Tattoos?: Nope, would never risk it, since removal leaves an ugly scar.
Like To Annoy People?: Nah. It would have to be one of those kinds of days.
Like Life?: I don't hate life, I just always know it could be better.
Wear Make-Up?: Uhhh, no? No.
Dye Your Hair?: Nope. Would look terrible for me.
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Only if it's a cool sword/knife
Like Pina Coladas?: Isn't that just pineapple juice mixed with liquor? I'd just prefer the former, hold the latter
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: Who doesn't love the rain? Except when it makes weeds in your yard :P

Dependable?: If I make a promise, the though of letting you down tends to outweigh my laziness
Trustworthy?: Same as above
Obsessive?: Only example I can think of is when I can't beat a level, but really want to
Hyper Active?: Not unless I'm on drugs, which I don't take
Happy?: Eh. Lol. Seriously, who could be happy like all the time? Sounds like a cliché romance movie
Content?: I'm always striving to be better, so I guess no.
Boring?: I wouldn't make my life a tv show. But assuming I'm not talking to a wall, I can make interesting conversation.
Violent?: Unfortunately lol
Evil?: Nah. I do like dark stuff, in that artistic kind of way
Hippie-Ish?: Nope. Unless you mean can I find beauty in nature. I actually get a little sad at the sight of dead flowers.
Shy?: Sometimes, unless I'm apathetic or pissed off, then that emotion goes bye-bye.
Paranoid?: Cautious. Ex: when you hear the door bell, don't open the door before confirming who it is
Annoying?: Only if I talk too much, but that's because you're not contributing to the conversation
Social?: I like individuals. I seldom like people. So no, I guess.
Religious?: Nope. If I ever was, I'd have to make my own. I'm just not compatible with any existing religion.

TV Show?: Don't watch tv a lot lately. The first two seasons of Teen Titans Go was good. Not the later ones :P
Movie?: Don't watch a lot of movies. Wanted was pretty distinctive, I guess.
Song?: Can't decide. Still learning about new music
Book/Story?: Gotta get one, don't read enough.
Color(s)?: Black, Violet, Crimson
Shape?: Like Steve Jobs said, be the square peg in the round hole (paraphrasing here)
Animal?: Dunno. Let's just go with a dragon.
Person(s)?: Eh, ain't got one.
Smell?: vapor from rain. It's like my drug
Flower?: Don't know a lot, so gotta go cliché roses
Subject?: Since the internet, Self-Taught
Sport?: MMA
Word?: The
Quote?: “Millions long for immortality, who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.” Susan Ertz
Hobby?: Writing, mostly.
Store?: Don't really shop. I'll be generic and say the mall.
Season?: Winter. Where I live, it's the only time when it's cool.
Time Of Day?: Night.

Worst Fear?: The world will abuse a new technology that will get all us innocent people killed
Life Goal?: Improve my own country so we're more cyberpunkish. That or find like-minded people and build our own cyberpunk country
Greatest Accomplishment?: I've written stories that don't suck.

Pepsi Or Coke?: I don't like high fructose corn syrup. I'd rather make my own soda (it's surprisingly easy and cheap to do)
McDonald's Or Burger King?: Both make cheap, overpriced burgers. They're popular, not better
Converse Or Vans?: What the hell is a Converse?
Dogs Or Cats?: Dogs are livelier, but cats are cooler in that “sophisticated” kind of way. I like animals, but I don't like raising them.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: What?
Chicken Or Fish?: I know the Japanese make fish look that good, but chicken.
Black Or White?: Black, duh. Who wears white unless they're trying to be plain, or a nun? And don't they technically wear black, too? I just realized that.
MTV Or FUSE?: Never watched one, never heard of the other
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: Smartphone and computer.
Pants Or Shorts?: Pants.

God?: No

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

Epicurus said that. Never heard of him before, but his quote sums up my feelings on god pretty accurately. But honestly, I just find it more difficult to relate to people that unquestionably believe in god. I don't mind them, but you know you can never get close unless you convert, or they unconvert

Heaven & Hell?: Nope. Both are a never-ending limbo, one is just more physically unpleasant
Angels & Demons?: If angels are real, they need to be fired. And we don't need demons, we have humans
Reincarnation?: Nope. Imagine being reincarnated in some war-stricken country to a single poor parent. I would have rather stayed dead.
Yourself?: Not as much as I should. Work in progress
Ghosts?: Nope, and once the thrill of discovering them wears off, you realize they're boring. What could they possibly tell you about? Their life? One of billions of lives we ignore every day.
UFOs?: Possibly, but why risk contacting them? There could be a Darth Vadar with a death star up there.
Big Foot?: Nah. I think if he's real, he's some undiscovered ape variation.
Lockness Monster?: Sounds less interesting than Big Foot, and no.
A Thing Called Love?: Yeah

Kill Someone Else?: If I had to, or really wanted to because they deserved it and the justice system didn't punish them.
Kill Yourself?: I thought about it once years ago when I was in a weaker place. You'd think emotional management would be an essential class in public education, but nooooooooo
Beg For Money?: As long as they weren't a prick, otherwise I'd sooner steal it
Skydive?: Fuck no. Not unless I'm super old, have cancer, or they can like 99% guarantee my safety. I want to, yeah, but it's fucking risky
Bunjee Jump?: Consult Skydive answer
Make out in the rain?: That sounds really sweet. A little cliché, but sweet
Run Away From Home?: Already did. It wasn't for a full day, and I actually slept in the street :P
Ride A Motorcycle?: After crashing them a lot in Grand Theft Auto, I'm too hesitant. Maybe in an open road for fun.
Do Extreme Sports?: You'd have to define which extreme sport. I wouldn't wrestle an alligator, if that's what you're asking


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Good luck to you and greetings from germany
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